Training Programmes

Customer Service Training Dundalk Robbie RichardsonCustomer Focus has various products to accommodate the different industry sectors and customers can tailor requirements to suit their individual or business needs. So if your business is in the retail, service or hospitality industry we have “out of the box” training or can create something new to suit your requirements. All training products include workshop elements, role play and summary notes and are aimed at the coporate or private customer. Our “Increase Profitability” course is aimed at mangers while other products are aimed at staff. While “Customer Service Secrets” is more suitable to general staff.  Our “At Your Service” course is aimed at the hospitality and service industry and includes a lot of the elements of Increased Profitability but has more role play and a keener focus on service.

Increase Profitability With Improved Customer Service

This three hour programme gets to the core of customer service and focuses on using customer care techniques to help your business increase sales, retain those valuable customers and improve your “bottom line”. This training is delivered in an engaging,  informal and interactive manner and will have your team walking away with a customer service plan, refreshed knowledge and empathy for your customer. This training is all about understanding  your customers needs and expectations and over delivering on that expectation. The emphasis is on the following: 

  • Front of house.
  • What is Customer Service and the emotional effect of customer service on sales and customer retention?
  • Theattributtes of delivering excellent customer service and do I deliver on that expectation. 
  • Customer Engagement and retention.
  • Do I engage customers and am I customer focused?
  • Dealing with irate customers.
  • GREAT Model for keeping customers happy.
  • Customer expectations and developing a customer service culture.
  • The customer service plan.
  • How do I “wow” my customer?
  • The VIP experience.
  • How do I become a sales master
  • Workshop – How can I increase sales?
  • Using Customer service to increase your sales.
  • Listen to customers and Increase your sales.
  • Turn a cold call into a warm call.
  • Using social media to increase footfall.

Customer Service Secrets

This course is aimed at “customer facing” staff, in an informal, interactive, relaxed learning environment and delivered in 90 minutes.  This is  designed to allow you and your staff to deliver an exceptional customer experience and in turn convert more sales. The emphasis is on the following:

  • Understanding customer service and the benefits of delivering ‘excellent’ customer service.
  • Projecting a professional image through the use of non-verbal and verbal communication.
  • Poor customer service and the emotional effects for the customer.
  • Proactive Support for customers.
  • Guidelines on how to improve sales and retain customers.
  • Customer empathy
  • The customer is always right, aren’t they?
  • Building relationships with customers
  • Secrets of Better Customer Service.
  • Managing a difficult customer and situation to a successful outcome.

Presentation & Communication Skills

We have chatted to a lot of business owners and employers over the years and have built up a huge store of knowledge on their requirements. Our findings were reinforced when we were asked to join the Dundalk Institute of Technology’s Business Advise Forum. There is a skill gap in the area that we  call the soft skills. These are the interpersonal skills that makes us more successful and effective in the workplace. Customer Focus is attempting to bridge this gap by addressing the communication and presentation skills area.


Many of us are now required to make presentations or speeches as part of our job.  For some of us, it can limit our career prospects if we are reluctant to make them or present in an ineffective manner. Maybe you are looking for techniques to boost your confidence or develop a new skill. It can be a daunting or even frightening experience for most of us, so we use an approach that seeks to make it fun and enjoyable.

Course Content

  • Dealing with presentation nerves.
  • Use your talents, skills and strengths to your advantage.
  • What is your body saying as you are presenting.
  • Working the audience.
  • Structuring effective presentations.
  • Developing as a presenter.
  • How to deal with questions after the presentation.

Sales Generation & Conversion

Is your business not as busy as it was or not as busy as you would like it to be. Well maybe it’s time for a new approach. Lets not wait for the phone to ring as there is a more practive approach! This 90 minute course is aimed at businesses that want to provide their staff with the tools to maximise their business potential and increase their sales. It focuses on how to generate more sales and convert them. Their is a strong emphasis on outbound calling and dealing with objections. If you want to get the best from your staff, this is the course for them. On this course we cover:

  • Customer Service
  • Effective sales strategies.
  • Becoming a Sales Master
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques 
  • Sales scripting and dealing with objections.
  • Upselling.
  • Workshop – How Can I improve sales.
  • Roll play – improving sales techniques.
  • How do I close more sales.
  • Customer retention.

Job Coaching

We are getting an increasing number of requests to offer coaching assistance to find a new job. These requests are from professionals who happen to find themselves in the position of having to look for a new job, assistance in making the right career move or to position yourself to secure that ideal job. During these sessions we offer assistance on:

  • Dealing with redundancy, the associated emotions, coping mechanisms and recovery.
  • How do I secure that new job?
  • Job search -  Paper, websites, networking, word of mouth, dealing with recruitment agencies, targeting companies,  company search and matching skills.
  • Applying for the job – CV preparation, types of cover letter etc.
  • Interview skills, preparation, performance, body language, mannerisms, covering expected questions and post mortem.
  • Looking at core skills, strengths, personal traits. The focus here is on the positives and extra abilities we can introduce to our working life.
  • What are my passions and how can I develop these.
  • Developing your job plan and keeping records.