About Us

The Customer Focus service is built on 15 years experience working in Marketing and Customer Service for large multi-nationals in Ireland. This is also coupled with 10 years experience of the Retail and Service industry. Customer Focus was established in November 2010 out of a long standing passion for looking after customers and using customer service as a means developing business.

We have seen this element of the marketing mix eroded over the years in Irish Business. This used to be a strong point, but we started to lose contact with our customer during the “boom years”. When the money was rolling in we never asked – why? As we moved into the recession, we focused on cost saving and efficiencies. We cut back in the areas where we can deliver real value to customers – our staff and training them up on the needs and expectations of our customer.

Customer Focus team of Mentors, Advisors and Reseachers

Customer Focus team of advisors, mentors and researchers

We could no longer sit back and see Irish business lose its competitive edge. Based in Blackrock, Dundalk, Customer Focus works with a host of local business in an effort to assist them to increase sales, retain customers and maximise their business potential. A large proportion of the business focuses on Training and using customer service to develop business, but also has an increasing portfolio of clients on our mentoring and coaching list.

The Customer Focus team of dedicated researches, mentors and advisors are waiting for your call.

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